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Mazda MX-5 Miata ST 2018 Trims

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Mazda MX-5 Miata High Starting at $49990
155 HP Horse Power
2.0 L Car Engine
188 NM Torque



There’s more than one road to driving thrills. The MX-5 takes the route of lightweight, rear-wheel drive. And when a driver is behind the wheel, near-perfect balance.

Awards and Reviews

MX-5 brings back carefree driving thrills

"I’ve become convinced that motorized convertible tops are overrated"

Ave Tavoukjian 

The Daily Star | April 2016

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    The Miata Family

    Over its four generations the Mazda MX-5 remain an authentic, lightweight, and fun to drive sports car. 

    While generational changes to models are inevitable due to regulatory forces and evolving technology, the key to the MX-5's ongoing success was to keep it saturated with its generous personality. And its playfulness and driving enjoyment.

  • Generation 1

    Model Year 1989 - 1997

    • First introduced at Chicago Auto Show on February 10 1989.
    • A short direct shift made gear-changing a joy.
    • Rounded taillights begin a signature design details.
  • Generation 2

    Model Year 1998 - 2004

    • Engine power increased slightly.
    • Soft top include glasses rear window.
    • New Head lights replaced the heavy pop ups.
  • Generation 3

    Model Year 2005 - 2014

    • In the 2000, the Miata was certified as the world's best selling two-seater sports car.
    • Steering wheel controls where introduced for a more premium feel.
    • Won the car of the year Japan award when introduced in the 2005.
  • Generation 3

    Power Retractable Hardtop

    • Introduction of the power retractable hardtop.
    • The polycarbonate top requested 12 seconds to raise and lower.
    • 2008 redesign featured a larger grille and new headlamps and fog lights.
  • Generation 4

    Model Revealed in 2014

    • The Miata was redesigned introducing the KODO.
    • Curb weight reduced by 87 KGs or more.
    • Details like rounded taillights help keeps the MX-5 craftsmanship philosophy.
  • Generation 4

    2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF

    • Introduction of the retractable fastback roof.
    • Same great driving dynamics as the soft top.
    • Available in the new Machine Grey Metallic paint. 
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